Schools in UK Find it Difficult to Keep Up with Digital Technology

According to the chairman of the U.K.’s Careers and Enterprise Company and Capgemini UK, digital skills education in the United Kingdom is “patchy”.

The chairman pointed out how education in technology and digital skills in the nation can vary from school to school. According to him, technology changes so often that many schools have troubles to keep up.

In a public statement, Hodgson was quoted saying that “there’s a problem in the UK with the lack of digital skills”. He is asking whether teachers can keep pace with that change.

Many of the jobs that young people will be entering in the future don’t exist yet, according to estimates. It is for this reason that digital skills have become crucial.

The chairman said that the increase in the need for technical knowledge in non-tech roles means that people in all industries will need to know how to use technology. If this is ignored, those people who lack digital skills are likely and willing to learn and use technology in the future.

He added “If we don’t help people to learn digital skills, there’s a chance they will eventually be more disengaged.”

Several experts think that in order to solve the problem of the gap in IT skills in the UK, companies in this field need to work together with schools, colleges and universities. This would ensure that people can acquire the right skills for those future careers.

He also said that employers should let schools and other educational institutions know what type of digital skills are needed in the industry. As a result, students could leave school with what he termed “100% percent employability”, without the requirement to acquire other skills.

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Yoga in London Fields

If you’re into health and fitness and happen to live in East London you may be interested where you can want to attend yoga classes and other fitness courses.

yoga – classes in London FieldsI have to say it has become a little bit more difficult recently to find a good fitness studio with all the recent bargain gyms trying to take over the city.

The prices for gym memberships are dropping but so is most gym’s quality and service.

A few years ago you didn’t really have to worry there since most gyms in London went out of their ways to make sure that their customers are happy.

These days, this really has changed and one would have to look around to get a gym where they can also offer you yoga classes and similar fitness courses.

If you’re looking for yoga in London Fields I can recommend that you check London Fields Fitness. This is the gym where our family goes to and we are very happy with what they offer. Their staff is always helpful and friendly, something where is very important if you are new whether it be for yoga or other fitness classes.

If you happen to be elsewhere in London, just make sure to check out what a gym can offer you before you sign up with them. If you ask me, I’d rather pay a few bucks more for a membership then joining one of those low quality gyms.

Things To Do in London This Weekend

This coming weekend, July 11 and 12 there’s lots going on in London from cool urban arts exhibitions to music festivals.

If you’re still unsure what to do this weekend, I recommend you see the list at The Londonist here at

The list has all the upcoming events for London this weekend.

I personally recommend that you definitely should not miss the Urban Art 2015 which is London’s largest and most popular open-air Contemporary Arts Fair.

The fair is taking place at Josephine Avenue in Brixton. The exhibition features more than 200 artists with over 2000 pieces of work on display. Admission for the fair is free. Their opening hours are from 10 AM till 6 PM.

Why I Love the Singing Waiters

Let’s be honest, wedding receptions, even when most of them can be lots of fun are one like the other. I don’t know how often I already attended wedding receptions, it must have been at least ten in the last several years alone. Rest assured, your typical reception  may have great foods and drink (when they have a good caterer, that is) and of course there will be a band playing and in some cases maybe a local DJ.

the singing waiters- dressed up as superheroesHowever, I think that it doesn’t make a lot of sense to go with average musical wedding entertainment if we think about that most people don’t get married all the time! In fact, for most of us their wedding may be just the biggest event of the entire life. Looking at it that way I think that your wedding reception deserves a lot better!

I have seen The Singing Waiters twice now – and by pure coincidence (or not…) those two weddings had been the most fun and exciting of all those I can remember! While I was at those receptions where they had the singing waiters didn’t know there were there, just like all the other guests! Each time they took us by total surprise when they started with their show in the afternoon.

I have to say that those guys from the singing waiters are really something different. The first wedding reception was a very casual one where they did all kinds of fun stuff with the guests like singing and dancing while the second wedding was a very classy one where they performed classical music and jazz. Each time was absolutely amazing!

Based on from what I saw about The Singing Waiters UK and how much fun it was I can highly recommend them to you if you have a wedding reception planned any time soon. Just make sure to book them plenty ahead!

The Best Backpacking Holiday Destinations

backpackingI always love to go over the travel section at The Telegraph. It’s a good place where you can find  first-hand travel experience and tips from others, as opposed to some other websites where it’s obvious that some of their articles are sponsored and not always neutral.

This time I came across some rather helpful tips for those like to backpack. The article at the Telegraph list some of the best backpacking destinations around the world.

I really enjoyed the story of Tony Perfect from Worchestershire who set out to hike Europe, but then ended up in Adelaide, Australia not without first seeing half of Europe, Turkey, Syria Jordan, Baghdad and Kuwait. The two friends started out their journey with not more than £30 in their pockets. While selling blood for £10 a pint may certainly not be anyone’s idea of a great way to make some cash, the story sure shows that it’s possible to see the world without having to spend a fortune.

This is why I personally like backpacking so much!

What Is Electronic Invoicing and Why Would You Want It?

No one ever claimed that owning a business and doing so successfully is easy. Fact is that a lot of people that start out with their own business at some point will encounter many challenges. For businesses, and in particular when the economy is rather difficult as it is today, every little bit that can help with more efficiency, cost savings and proficiency can be life-saving.

There is one thing that I came across several months ago which helped me greatly with my own online store and this is electronic invoicing. To be honest, now since I switched to electronic invoicing and see how it helps to save time and one or the other expense I’m puzzled that not more of my colleagues know about it let alone use it. This is the more surprising seeing that my switch to electronic invoicing went extremely easy at the same time, it’s not something that requires rocket science.

Let me explain electronic invoicing to you in a few words.

What it is is that an E invoice can speed up your invoicing process since you will not snail mail your invoices any longer but rather send them electronically, via email. You can do this easily: the only difference is that you don’t print your invoice but rather send it to an electronic invoice provider from your computer. This provider receives your invoice and converts it into digital format. The provider will then dispatch your invoice to your recipient, such as your distributor.

The advantage here should be obvious: you save (considerable!) time and won’t have to wait several days that your invoice would usually take if you were to send it by normal mail.

Now, you can do the math: Say electronic invoicing saves you an hour per day mailing. This amounts to an entire work day each and every week. Now add the costs for stamps and be aware that electronic invoicing also eliminates the possibility for lost mail.

Ultimately, as unspectacular it may seem at first it made a big difference for my own business. This is why I recommend electronic invoicing to all my buddies now!


The UK’s Best Family Easter Events and Festivals


Comes Easter this year in the United Kingdom it will also be the first bank holiday weekend! And what this means is that lots of of Brits will without doubt want to venture out to experience a little sun and a hint of spring outdoors.

Here is a great list of Easter Festival and events that I can recommend to you! It has the best family-friendly Easter break destinations with a lot of helpful information!

How about visiting the Lego Lost World Zoo in Basingstoke or seeing the bunnies in Bewilderwood, Hoveton and Norfolk?

So check out the list if you’re looking for some great places to go this coming Easter!